Loose Diamonds

Abe Mor cutting diamonds as a boy

Our main business is selling loose diamonds. We offer an extensive selection of round and fancy shape diamonds, mainly  from half a carat to 3 carat, but also carry melle from 1 mm melle as well as a selection of 4-10 carats and over. Our Diamonds range from D color down to K. , as well as Natural Fancy Yellows, Pinks, Blues, Browns, and Orange.  The Clarities range from Internally Flawless to I1, most falling in the better color range of E-H and VS and SI range. 

Top Tier Diamonds

Our GIA-rated diamonds are consistently among the top tier in clarity and color. As with all diamonds, they start out rough, and are painstakingly crafted to perfection. Each rough stone’s inherent beauty is drawn out with precision one small step at a time.  Our customers see the difference in our stones as we adhere to the highest of standards. The result is a collection of impeccable diamonds that we feel no beholder can help fall in love with.

Conflict-Free Diamonds

Abe Mor has a zero-tolerance policy toward conflict diamonds. Abe Mor does not deal with conflict diamonds or with any people or businesses who do. All of our diamonds are free trade. Policies such as the Kimberley Process, track and document diamonds from mine to market ensuring that all diamonds are obtained through legitimate channels.  The industry, in partnership with the United Nations, governments, and non-governmental organizations, monitor diamond exports to prevent the trade of illegal diamonds.